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Auth0 Hires Glassdoor’s CTO To Lead Engineering Growth

By George Paul

Last updated: Feb 15, 2023

Auth0, a digital security product unit within Okta, has announced that Bhawana Singh has joined as the unit’s SVP of Engineering.

Bhawna Singh. Image courtesy of Auth0
Bhawna Singh. Image courtesy of Auth0

Auth0, a digital security product unit within Okta, has announced that Bhawana Singh has joined as the unit’s SVP of Engineering.

Singh, a veteran tech executive who joins Auth0 from Glassdoor, was initially attracted to the opportunity at Auth0 due to the company’s technological complexity of identity, innovation of the company’s solutions, and transparent and inclusive workplace culture.

Prior to joining Auth0, Singh was the SVP of Engineering and CTO at Glassdoor. Before that, she held top engineering roles at, Sybase, and AT&T.

At Auth0, Singh says her short-term plan will be to focus on hiring and leadership support like mentoring innovation as she builds and leads Auth0’s engineering team.

“The mentors I wanted and needed weren’t right there at the start of my career,” Singh stated in an interview in which she also highlighted the increase in creativity and innovation that mentoring, coaching, or providing access to additional training can spur.

“I ensure that I am coaching my leaders to grow, and together we are building an organization inspired by learning and problem-solving,” Singh stated. “I also make every effort in connecting with underrepresented groups regularly and evaluate how effectively I help them to achieve their goals. If you’re on my team and would appreciate mentorship, I will either mentor you directly or connect you with someone within my network.”

Long term, Singh wants to focus on aligning the unit’s technology investments and product innovation plans as well as the company’s Okta + Auth0 vision in the wake of its May 2021 acquisition.

"Identity is one of the most strategic investments an organization will make today, and as a company deeply passionate about our customers and dedicated to continuous improvement, Bhawna will play a critical role in helping us shape the future of identity and enabling our customers to accelerate innovation,” Auth0 Chief Product Officer Shiv Ramji said in a press release. "With deeply experienced leadership in engineering and technology, Bhawna is an invaluable addition to Auth0 and we are honored she is joining us."

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