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Best Sources for Org Chart Data

By The Org

Last updated: Jul 9, 2024

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Accurate and up-to-date organizational charts are important for sales intelligence, executive recruiting, and various business functions.

Here’s a comprehensive overview of the top software tools to source org chart data, including their pros and cons:

1. The Org

The Org is a sales intelligence tool powered by The Org’s network of public org charts. With The Org, you can search for relevant people across org charts and track companies to stay updated on team changes. You can then build lists with up-to-date contact information and engage with prospects directly in the platform.


  • User-Generated Content: Companies use The Org to showcase their teams and create their own org chart making it the most accurate source of org chart data anywhere for these companies.
  • Inexpensive: The Org is the most cost-effective solution for org chart data. Full access to The Org’s features begins at just $29 a month.
  • Org Charts In Your Workflow: The Org brings org charts directly into HubSpot through their CRM integrations or LinkedIn through their chrome extension.


  • Less Individual Data: The Org contains fewer professional and company profiles than their competitors.

2. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is the public software company that serves as a prospecting and sales intelligence platform to help companies identify potential customers and make targeted outreach. They have a large database of personal and professional contact information.


  • Tons of Data: With over 300 million professional profiles and over 100 million company profiles, ZoomInfo is a market leader in the quantity of data available.
  • Comprehensive Platform: Through its numerous acquisitions, ZoomInfo has built a tool that can serve the needs of multiple teams from sales and marketing to recruiting.


  • Price: ZoomInfo contracts are priced at thousands of dollars a month making it inaccessible to many startups or small businesses.
  • Poor Data Accuracy: ZoomInfo may have too much to maintain. Users report wrong and outdated contact info and incomplete org charts. With 300 million profiles for 100 million companies, ZoomInfo only covers an average of three positions per company.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Nav is a sales intelligence tool by LinkedIn. The tool is designed to help salespeople target the right people and make personalized outreach directly on the social media platform. LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers advanced search tools that allow sales teams to filter for characteristics such as seniority, activities, and common experiences.


  • Customizable Org Charts: Sales Nav allows you to create your own org charts providing flexibility to only display teams or reporting lines of interest.
  • Buying Signals: Sales Nav org charts include potential buying signals such as “Recently Promoted” or “Recently Hired” tags.


  • Limited To LinkedIn Data: You can only access data available on LinkedIn which can often be inaccurate and is only updated by the individual user themselves.
  • Have To Build Your Own: Sales Nav doesn’t have pre-built org charts which means resources and time will have to be spent building all your accounts.


Apollo is a sales engagement platform where you can generate leads, create email campaigns, and track engagement. With a large database of contacts, Apollo enables you to find potential leads that match your ideal customer profile. Their tools can then provide insights into prospects and their activities which can help you in tailoring your outreach and increase your chances of making sales.


  • Large Database of Profiles: Second only to ZoomInfo, has over 275 million profiles globally and covers a wide range of industries.
  • Cost-Effective: was built for SMB’s and is priced accordingly, allowing teams of all sizes and budgets to access the product.


  • Org Chart Feature In Beta: There is currently limited access to’s org chart feature which has been in development for months, highlighting that it might not be a priority.

5. The Information

The Information is a premium business news website that provides in-depth coverage of major tech companies and industries. It is known for its high-quality journalism and accurate reporting on company leadership and business-related news.


  • Accurate Leadership Data: Compiled by a team of journalists(?), The Information is the premier data source for leadership org charts of leading companies in the US.


  • Extremely Limited Data: The Information only has 60 org charts across its entire platform, making it a very limited source of org chart data.

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