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How To Maximize Your “Cold” Email

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Last updated: Jun 13, 2024

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Cold emailing in the hopes that a few prospects respond is no longer a viable strategy for outbound sales. Without any context around your product, your emails will have low open rates and even lower booking rates. Learn how you can make warmer introductions that lead to more closed deals.

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

When cold emailing, the odds are stacked against you: the recipient has never heard of you, and your email is just one among hundreds flooding their inbox. Cold emailing alone doesn’t cut it anymore. However, there are effective strategies to warm up your cold emails, increasing the chances they will be opened, read, and acted upon. Below are some ways to make your “cold" emails more effective.

Warm Up Your Audience

  1. Webinars - Hosting webinars is a powerful way to engage potential leads and introduce them to your brand. By offering valuable content and insights, you create a touchpoint that can later be referenced in your cold email. When you follow up with participants, they are more likely to recognize your name and open your email.

  2. Paid Ads - Invest in targeted paid advertising campaigns on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google. When prospects have seen your ads, your name or brand might seem familiar, making them more receptive to your email. Use retargeting to keep your brand top-of-mind for those who have interacted with your ads.

  3. Conferences - Participating in conferences and industry events can provide a goldmine of warm leads. Collect contact information and engage with attendees through presentations, booths, or networking sessions. Mentioning the event in your cold email establishes a common ground and context for your outreach.

  4. Email-Locked Resources - Offer valuable resources such as whitepapers, eBooks, or exclusive reports in exchange for email addresses. This opt-in strategy ensures that your audience is already somewhat interested in what you have to offer. When you send a follow-up email referencing the resource they downloaded, it will feel less cold.

Leverage LinkedIn

  1. Connect on LinkedIn - Have your sales reps send LinkedIn connection requests to potential leads. A personalized message highlighting a shared interest or mutual connection can increase the acceptance rate. Once connected, reps should engage actively with your company’s content—liking, commenting, and sharing posts. This activity ensures your brand appears regularly in the lead’s feed, creating familiarity.

  2. Engage and Build Relationships - Encourage your sales reps to participate in relevant LinkedIn groups and discussions. By contributing valuable insights, they can position themselves as thought leaders. When the time comes to send a cold email, the recipient is more likely to recognize their name and be interested in what they have to say.

Follow Up Strategically

  1. Add Call Follow-Ups - Following up your email with a phone call can significantly improve your chances of a response. After sending your initial email, wait a few days and then call the prospect. Reference your email and briefly reiterate the value proposition. This multi-channel approach shows persistence and professionalism, making it harder for your message to be ignored.

  2. Create a Follow-Up Schedule - Don’t rely on a single email to do all the work. Develop a follow-up schedule that includes multiple touchpoints over a period of weeks. Each follow-up email should provide additional value, whether it’s a new piece of content, an invitation to an event, or an insightful industry update. Persistence, combined with value, often pays off.

Maximizing the effectiveness of your cold emails involves a combination of pre-email engagement strategies, leveraging social media connections, and strategic follow-ups. This can be expedited using org charts from The Org that allow you to find and contact the relevant decision-makers. With a well-crafted email that highlights value and personalization, these strategies can turn cold emails into warm leads and successful engagements.

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