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Leveraging Team Changes for Lead Generation

By The Org

Last updated: Jun 5, 2024

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Learn how team changes can help you nurture new leads and maintain existing accounts.

Team changes are inevitable, and they present unique opportunities for lead generation. Whether it's a shift in leadership, promotions, or transitions within your existing customer base, understanding how to navigate these changes can significantly impact your sales strategy. This becomes more prevalent in a landscape where layoffs, restructurings, and resignations have been more commonplace. We'll explore how team changes can be leveraged to generate more leads and strengthen your business relationships.

Capitalizing on New Leadership Evaluations

As new leaders step into their roles, they often reassess existing tools, services, and processes. Reach out early on and position your product or service as a solution that aligns with their vision for success. Craft content that highlights how your offerings can enhance their strategies and address their unique challenges.

Turning Former Customers into Champions

When a customer changes jobs, seize the opportunity to turn them into a champion at their new company. Reach out to congratulate them on their new role and explore ways your offerings can add value to their current challenges. Leverage your existing relationship to gain a foothold in the new organization with these warm leads.

Mitigating Risks with Departing Champions

On the flip side, if your customer's champion departs, there's a need to reestablish a relationship with someone else at the company. Develop a strategy to maintain continuity and showcase the value of your products or services. Use an org chart to identify other team members and potential users of your product at the company and reach out to them offering your support.

Job changes present both challenges and opportunities. By strategically leveraging these transitions, your sales team can not only generate more leads but also build stronger, lasting relationships with your clients. Try using The Org’s “Start date” filter or Track feature to stay top of team changes. Get started here.

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