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The Org + Teamable: Building Teams with Strength & Purpose

By Julia Keller

Last updated: Apr 5, 2023

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The Org has partnered with Teamable to bring a better candidate experience to top talent.

The world is full of companies competing to hire top talent.

We know firsthand how time-consuming and hard it is to find, engage and pique the interest of that top talent. That’s why here at The Org, we’re passionate about helping companies supercharge their recruiting processes in all stages of the recruiting funnel. We do this by helping you create a positive candidate experience, so you can hire the right fit for your team.

As part of this effort, we’re excited to announce The Org’s partnership with Teamable (formerly TopFunnel). We’re united by our shared mission to build teams with strength and purpose.

The Org allows candidates to visualize their future team by understanding the people and culture that fuel it. Teamable makes it easy to discover, identify, and engage top talent and get interested candidates scheduled on your calendar.

Together, we make hiring easy at every stage of the process, from recruiting to onboarding.

The Org - Providing the “aha” moment for candidates

As the world’s largest platform of publicly available org charts, we believe that the team you build is ultimately the company you build.

That’s why our goal is to change how companies recruit – by helping them show off their most important asset: their people.

Sharing open roles directly in your org chart gives candidates a clear picture of your company's structure, growth opportunities, leadership, size and scope, and culture. Candidates can then better evaluate whether the company fits their skills, interests, and career goals.

Teamable Company Page

Teamable – the most comprehensive talent intelligence platform in the world

Teamable provides a complete recruitment and hiring product that combines the data-based certainty, scalability, and seamless process of a technology solution with the white-glove experience and expertise of the best recruiting firms.

With its end-to-end platform, Teamable connects hiring teams with the best talent in their industry. Whether it's passive sourcing, nurture and messaging, or referrals, they help companies hire the right people for their team.

Teamable automates much of the process around recruiting, helping to source the right candidates for the right roles — and send them the right message.

Share Org Chart with Candidates

Hire better candidates faster with The Org and Teamable partnership:

Through The Org and Teamable’s partnership, companies can leverage the power of a talent technology platform combined with a behind-the-scenes look at their people and culture.

Hiring leads using Teamable can now include a link to their org chart seamlessly through the platform. So, companies can show a whole other side of their organization in their outreach and prove to top talent that they’re the best place to work.

Kickstart hiring top talent while improving employer brand and candidate experience. And if you’re not already using Teamable, you can get started here.

Bonus perk: Including a built-out page on The Org in outbound messages through the Teamable platform increases response rates from candidates by an average of 25%.

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