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The Org vs. UserGems

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Last updated: Jan 22, 2024

In this comparison, we’ll cover UserGems and The Org: Two products that automate the referral network aspect of revenue growth through tracking of customer alumni.

At least 20% of people change jobs every year. Job changes can be frustrating if you’re close to making a sale and your prospect leaves the target company. On the other hand, if a customer moves to a new job it can also mean an opportunity for a sale. Your customers are most likely to buy again, after all.

Keeping track of employees at customer accounts is a tall order for already busy sales teams, but sales teams that do far outperform peers who do not. For that reason, we’ve decided to highlight two of the best services out there that can help you automate your referral network and provide you with signals to act on. Let’s dive into The Org and UserGems and how they compare.

What is UserGems?

UserGems has built a sales intelligence platform that helps you sell to previous customers. People who have bought and/or used your product in the past are three times more likely to buy your product again.

Usergems does this through a lengthy onboarding process in which they deep dive into your CRM and product analytics tools to find all of the people that you have sold to and that are using your product. Once a month, your CRM is updated with contacts that have moved onto a new company, giving you warm opportunities to sell once a month.

UserGems’ core value

UserGems’ platform is a powerful tool for sales teams at companies with large customer bases and happy customers. As you can imagine, users do not see much value if their customer list is relatively small or their customers are unhappy with the product. In fact, on their website they state they do not have a product for startups because of the aforementioned reason.

The platform is also built for a seamless experience. Usergems understandably knows that tracking customer talent movement does not happen frequently and therefore doesn’t have much of a daily or even a weekly use case. To tackle this, they have built their product in a way that seamlessly integrates to your existing tools and updates you when they send new leads to these tools.

UserGems’ advantages

  • Following customers and users. With UserGems’ platform, sales teams are well equipped to turn old champions into new champions when they move jobs.
  • Seamless experience. UserGems turns old customers into new ones and cold leads into promising prospects with contact tracking and new prospect identification that is delivered directly to your CRM system.

UserGems’ disadvantages

  • Pricey. UserGems is priced at $3,290/month for the Standard solution and $4990 for the Premium plan.
  • Aimed at large companies. There’s no publicly available plan for startups, as the service is aimed at companies with tens of thousands of contacts.
  • Long onboarding period. Because UserGems needs to dig into your CRM and product analytics tools to find tens of thousands of relevant contacts, onboarding can take months.

UserGems pricing

The Standard UserGems plan is priced at $3,290/month and the Premium Plan is $4990. Solutions for startups publicly available.

What is The Org?

The Org is a comprehensive sales intelligence platform built off the largest database org charts in the world. The Org aims to unlock the final frontier of sales execution — org chart mapping.

The product accomplishes this through two main features:

  • Search, which allows users to search The Org’s entire database of org charts and prospect those org charts for decision makers
  • Signals, which builds and tracks every customer org chart in 24 hours and surfaces customer alumni leads, same as UserGems, but in real-time

The Org’s core value

The Org is the world's biggest network of public org charts. Using this data, sales people can accurately identify decision makers, buying committees, and budget holders to shorten cycles and increase close rates. With Vision, the days of building target account org charts from scratch before any calls are made are over.

The Org also tracks org changes, in real-time, across more than 400,000 companies. This means they are able to isolate your customer org charts and tell you when any customer employee joins a new company — not just the ones in your CRM and in your product tools. This is valuable because it increases the number of leads you get each month and ultimately ensures no one who may have heard about your product makes a move without you knowing.

The Org’s advantages

  • High-quality data. The Org aggregates team data from every source online, including primary source verified user contributions. This ensures our decision maker data is as or more high quality than any other solution.

  • Follow customers, users, and more. Tracking org charts of every company that matters to you unlocks a whole host of possibilities, one being the tracking of customer alumni. This is just one of many values org chart tracking unlocks.

  • No onboarding. Unlike UserGems, The Org has spent 3 years building a data asset. This means you can sign up on your own, upload a list of companies you care about, and begin tracking. This also allows users to find value daily through searching our database for leads.

  • Pay less. The Org is only $49 a month, per seat to unlock search and filtering features. To unlock the exact same functionality as UserGems, and more, the cost is $299 a month. There are also free accounts available.

The Org’s disadvantages

  • Fewer integrations. The Org has integrations with both Salesforce and Hubspot. While these tools are widely used by salespeople, we understand that integrations into the entire sales stack are valuable.

  • Limited data. The Org’s database is mainly composed of US based technology companies. Hence, if you are not looking to sell into VC backed private or public tech companies, The Org may not have the data you need.

  • No phone numbers. The Org provides email addresses for every individual in every org chart, but does not provide mobile numbers.

The Org pricing

The Org has a free, a premium, and enterprise pricing tier ranging from 0-$299 in price, per month, per seat. Learn morehere.

Feature comparison

Similar core features. Both The Org and UserGems understand that past customers/users are future prospects. The services are focused on turning previous buyers’ job changes into new opportunities and use the characteristics of these buyers to find similar leads.

Different approaches. While The Org is aimed at providing a tool sales people can use daily through their prospecting tab, UserGems simply supercharges your existing tools with a narrow value proposition.

In this table, we will compare the pros and cons of The Org and UserGems. We will give each a point where they excel in six highlighted areas.


Should I choose UserGems or The Org?

If you are a high-growth startup or sell into technology companies, The Org might be the better option for you. The Org’s pricing and setup time is conducive for fast-moving companies that don’t have time to waste. The Org also empowers your sales teams to improve every funnel metric by allowing them to search every target org chart and find decision makers.

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