Michael Disini (Mikko)

Global VP of Product Management at A10 Networks

Michael "Mikko" Disini has an extensive work experience in the field of technology and product management. Michael "Mikko" currently serves as the Global VP of Product Management at A10 Networks, Inc. Since joining Citrix in 2012, Disini has held several roles including Sr. Director of Product Management - Cloud Native and Modernized Apps, Director of Product Management - Cloud Native, Software ADCs, and Director of Product Marketing. At Citrix, they have led initiatives to develop ADC solutions for cloud native applications and build partnerships with ecosystem players in the cloud market. Prior to Citrix, Disini worked as the Director of Product Marketing at Bytemobile Inc, where they focused on scaling product and solutions marketing for wireless service providers globally. Michael "Mikko" also served as a Consultant for Managed Services Development at Cisco Systems, where they developed managed services opportunities for Unified Communications and other solutions. Earlier in their career, Disini held positions such as Product Management Consultant to VP Products at TrustArc and VP of Marketing at PacketExchange. Michael "Mikko" started their career as a Managing Director at International Orange Strategies and as a Sr. Director - Strategic Marketing at Nokia. Disini's expertise lies in product management, marketing, and strategic development in the technology industry.

Michael "Mikko" Disini holds a Master of Engineering (MEng) degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Cornell University. Michael "Mikko" also obtained a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree from the same institution, majoring in Electrical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering. The exact years of completion or enrollment are not specified.



  • Global VP of Product Management

    February, 2022 - present

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