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Org chart


Shane Hegde
CEO | Co-Founder

Shane Hegde

Tyler Strand
President | CTO | Co-Founder
Ari Rubin
Head of Content
Eric Magne
Head of Revenue
Caroline Congdon
Product Lead
Brian Nana-Sinkam
Product Lead
Kelley Nguyen
Design Lead

Behind the scenes


Cura personalis — We care for the entire person.

We believe that every facet of an individual deserves care and attention. We honor and celebrate our differences, solving issues and problems holistically. This mission extends to our coworkers, customers, and the community.

Kindness — We push for improvements with empathy.

We are considerate as we pursue the right answer. We strive to be direct, push back, and convey our honest feelings. We find common ground and when a decision is made we commit and move forward as a team.

“New Yorkers” — We are dynamic and solutions-oriented.

Grit, hustle, and adaptability are found throughout our day-to-day. We solve problems efficiently and move on. If 20% of the work can get 80% of the value we lean into that solution first. We are unafraid to make big bets or take risks.

Thoughtful — We are mindful of the way we work.

We understand how unique and exciting this opportunity is and we approach each decision with curiosity and care. We take time to plan ahead, optimize a process, help a teammate, or document our learnings along the way.

Low Ego — We are vulnerable and human.

We’re genuinely excited to learn from others and always willing to admit our mistakes. While our ambitions are vast, we enjoy the journey and never take ourselves too seriously. This humility is what allows everyone to express their opinion regardless of title or tenure.