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Org chart

Howie Liu
Co-Founder & CEO
Andrew Ofstad
Emmett Nicholas
Seth Shaw
Chief Revenue Officer
Peter Deng
Chief Product Officer
Archana Agrawal
Chief Marketing Officer
Johanna Jackman
Chief People Officer
Raymond Endres
Chief Technology Officer
Sara Haque
Head of People Partnering & Operations
Derek Sakamoto
Head of SEO
Jeff Amlin
Head of Insights
Matt Steinfeld
Head of Global Communications
Shailey Kadakia
Head of Compliance & Privacy
Ryan Marks
Senior Corporate Counsel
Vanessa Bazalgette
Strategic Growth Partnerships
Sohil Patel
Business Intelligence

Board & Advisors

Max Gazor
Board Member
Miles Grimshaw
Board Member
Raymond Tonsing
Board Observer

People not yet in org chart

Ryan Jaccard
Implementation Specialist
Andrew Edwards
Major Account Executive
Shani Taylor
Manager, Customer Success
Jason Schulke
Manager, Support Content Operations
Ryan Pearl
Software Engineer
Sam Kim
QA Lead
Vanessa Bazalgette
Mid-Market Sales Manager - Growth
Catherine Lowell
Special Projects Lead
Liat Bycel
Vice President - Customer Engagement
Ashley Frankino
Account Executive, Major Accounts, EMEA
Julie Martin
Director, Strategic Sales
Seth Egert
Senior Account Executive
Sam Rudy
Growth Account Executive
Jonathan Teel
Strategic Account Executive - Growth
Armstrong Jones
Strategic Account Executive
Davy Tolman
Strategic Account Executive - Growth
Taurean Yamada
Strategic Growth AE
Tommy Van
Strategic Account Executive
Ashleigh Foss
Unknown Role
Andrew Dodds
Unknown Role
Leslie Doye
Unknown Role
Taylor Overbey
Unknown Role
Lila Cantor
Unknown Role
Nick Raff
Unknown Role
Derek Kim
Unknown Role
Omar Shammas
Unknown Role
Pete Jones
Unknown Role
Eli Rothschild
Unknown Role
Daniel Levine
Unknown Role
Akash Bharucha
Unknown Role
Farouk El Hamzawi
Unknown Role
Patricia Li
Software Engineer
Douglas Forster
Software Engineer
JB Bakst
Product & Software Engineer
Zach Felsenstein
Product Operations
Peter Berkowitz
Legal Operations Manager
Marci Genden
Senior QAC Analyst
Stephen Suen
Product Designer
Roy Mathew
Enterprise Sales Manager
Alex Dytrych
Software Engineer
Mikayla LaRosa
Content Host
Becky Mak
Product Marketing Manager
Nash Kamal
Marketing Manager
Steve Mardenfeld
Software Engineer
Kaitlin Anstrom
Mid-Market Account Executive, Growth
John Kadavy
Strategy & Operations, Productivity
Brian Larson
Head of Infrastructure Engineering
Andrew Busse
Chief of Staff
Ross Watson
Enterprise Account Executive, New Biz
Keunwoo Lee
Software Engineer
Michelle Yang
Enterprise Associate Customer Success Manager
Jason Bradshaw
Software Engineer
Jackie Park
Customer Engagement Enablement and Operations
Richard Sinn
Engineering Manager
Joey Best-James
Solutions Architect
Sohil Patel
Data Scientist
Giovanni Briggs
Solutions Architect
Emily Faraone
Enterprise Account Executive, Growth
Zoe Bridges
Senior Manager, Customer Support
Marta Pinilla Aguilar
Head of Recruiting
Jackie Kwan
Executive Assistant
Jay Ransijn
Product Designer
Katja Nelson
Head of Customer Education
Nicole Hicks
Manager, Customer Support
Boost Bustamante
People Operations Program Manager
Brittni Nowell
Support Operations & Strategy
Victoria Plummer
Integration Engineer
Katie Lampe
Director, Customer Success
Emma Yeap
Software Engineer
Raghav Sethi
Tech Lead Manager
Tamara Lewis
Corporate Customer Success Manager