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Org chart

Juha Varelius

Mika Pälsi
General Counsel
Juhapekka Niemi
Executive Vice President
Katja Kumpulainen
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Petteri Holländer
Senior Vice President, Ventures
Tuukka Turunen
Senior Vice President, Research and Development
Mari Heusala
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Steffan Schumacher
Senior Vice President - Business Operations
Heusala Mari
Senior Vice President Human Resources
Aleksina Shemeikka
SVP, Software Quality Solutions
Jouni Lintunen
Chief Financial Officer
Melinda Seifert
Vice President, Global Customer Success
Marc Perez
Vice President Of Sales - Americas
Rolf Bittner
Senior Director
Amit Nainawat
Director Solutions Engineering EMEA
Unseon Ryu
Distinguished Solutions Engineer, Japan
Miao Luo
Director Technology Strategy
Tapio Haantie
Principal, Evaluation Experience
Marcel Schütte
Senior Manager Professional Services
Peter Schneider
Senior Product Manager
Tino Pyssysalo
Senior Product Manager
Veli-Pekka Heinonen
Senior Product Manager
Yoann Lopes
Staff Solutions Engineer, EMEA
Matteo Capelletti
Product Marketing Manager
Salla Viitasalo
Senior Product Marketing Manager