Anaheim Ducks

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Based in Anaheim, California, the Anaheim Ducks are members of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL).





Org chart

Aaron Teats
Club President

Aaron Teats

Kevin Starkey
EVP & Chief Venue Management Officer
Gina Galasso
EVP & Chief Human Resources Officer
Katie Rodin
EVP & Chief Legal Officer
Bill Pedigo
EVP & Chief Commercial Officer
Merit Tully
VP, Marketing
James Pearson
VP, Finance
Chris Kenyon
VP, Ticketing
Graham Siderius
VP, Corporate Partnerships
Joseph Doyle
VP, Culinary & Hospitality
Damian Paul
Director of Customer Service & Retention
Timothy Thompson
Director of Premium Sales & Services
Jill Bauer
Director of Merchandise

Directors, Production & Entertainment

Alex Gilchrist
Director of Media & Communications
Wendy Arciero
Director of Community Relations
Dwayne Collins
Director, Information Technology Operations
Kris Loomis
Director of Integrated Projects & Programming
Angel Montes
Director of Talent Acquisition
Jo-Ann Armstrong
Director of Booking
Pat Verbeek
General Manager
Cameron Boyer
Business Intelligence Manager
Bosko Dimic
Corporate Partnerships Manager
Janet Conley
Executive Assistant
Stefan Huber
Business Intelligence Analyst
C.J. Leeman
IT Analyst
Paul Piggott
Data Engineer