Jeffrey Schlom

Scientific Advisory Board Member at Ankyra

As Chief of the Laboratory of Tumor Immunology and Biology, Dr. Schlom directs a translational research program in cancer immunology and immunotherapy. He has pioneered the use of novel immunotherapeutics, both as monotherapy and in combination therapies, for a range of human cancers. His studies involve the translation of hypothesis-driven preclinical studies to science-driven clinical trials. Dr. Schlom has a joint appointment in the Genitourinary Malignancies Branch (GMB), Dr. James Gulley, Chief, and works closely with clinicians in the LTIB, GMB, multiple other Branches of the NCI, and extramural Cancer Centers.

Dr. Schlom also works closely with investigators in multiple Biotech and Pharma companies via Cooperative Research and Development Agreements to rapidly translate preclinical findings into agents for clinical studies. Dr. Schlom’s studies involve the design and development of novel therapeutic cancer vaccines, immunocytokines, checkpoint inhibitor monoclonal antibodies, inhibitors of immune suppressive entities, as well as agents and strategies to modify the tumor microenvironment to render tumor cells more susceptible to immune-mediated therapy.


  • Scientific Advisory Board Member

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