Vafa Saboori

Chief Financial Officer at ASCM

Vafa Saboori, PhD has a diverse work experience spanning over several years. Starting in 1998, they worked as a Sales Engineer at Saravel until 2003. Following that, from 2003 to 2009, they worked as an HVAC Engineer at Nargan. In 2009, they joined The University of Toledo as a Doctoral Research Fellow and worked until 2014. During this time, they conducted research and gained valuable experience in the field. In 2014, they became an Assistant Professor of Operations Management at Dominican University of California where they taught business courses focused on Operations Management and Supply Chain Management. Vafa also conducted scholarly research with a particular interest in healthcare management and innovation. In 2016, they took on the role of Chief Financial Officer at the Association for Supply Chain Management. In 2020, they were promoted to the position of Associate Professor of Operations Management and also became the Director of the MS in Business Analytics Program at Dominican University of California. Moreover, in 2023, they were appointed as the President of Beta Gamma Sigma. Throughout their career, Vafa Saboori has demonstrated expertise in their field and has made significant contributions.

Vafa Saboori, PhD, obtained a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Manufacturing and Technology Management from The University of Toledo, where they pursued their education from 2009 to 2015.



  • Chief Financial Officer

    September, 2016 - present