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Org chart

Matt Mullenweg
Founder & CEO, Automattic + CEO, Tumblr

Matt Mullenweg

Nick Gernert
Amanda Riu
Chief Robot
Cavel Khan
Chief Revenue Officer
Paul Sieminski
General Counsel
Travis Heinström
Chief Technology Officer
Paul Maiorana
General Manager, WooCommerce
Beau Lebens
Head of Product Engineering
Kelly Hoffman
Interim Head of Design
Karen Arnold
Director of Talent Division
Don Lair
Head of Upsell Marketing
Justin Vanning
VP, Growth Marketing Trial
Peter Slutsky
Senior Director, Public Sector
David Watkis
Director of Trust & Safety
Filipe Varela
Chief Flow Officer on Jetpack
Ola Olusoga
Head of Design,
Leanne Hogben
Head of Registry Services
Vik Patel
General Manager, Pressable
Cherokee McAnelly
Head of TV & Film Partnerships, Tumblr
Cortney Kerans
Head of Communications, Tumblr
Kimm Alfonso
Head of Marketing & Community
Lance Willett
Chief Product and Technology Officer, Tumblr
Lea Orlando
Head of Music & Experiential, Tumblr
Luísa Sacchetto
Head of Integrated Marketing, Tumblr
Siena Nahl
Head of Gaming & Esports Partnerships, Tumblr
Wendy Scott
Head of Registrar Operations (Domains)
Kelsey Arendt
Data Insights Lead,
Nick Milne-Home
Head of Sales,
Adelle McElveen
Product Manager,