Margery Krevsky Dosey

Director at Automotive Hall of Fame

Margery Krevsky (Dosey) is the founder and CEO of Detroit-based Productions Plus – The Talent Shop (PPTTS) – the leading supplier of auto show product specialists in the country. The company provides some of the world’s best-known brands with full-service talent management and event staffing in automotive, brand representation, product demonstration and film/TV/voice-over.

PPTTS clientele includes: automotive manufacturers, (including the top three global OEMs), marketing and advertising firms, movie and casting companies and Fortune 100 companies. They are the largest, premier full-service talent management agency in the Mid-West.

Ms. Krevsky is widely known for changing the view and role of women at auto shows by transforming how the auto industry employed models. Her assertion that beauty and brains were not mutually exclusive was the basis of what is now a $62M company.

Through her efforts to emphasize technical training and communication skills along with physical appearance, a new industry standard emerged: auto show models of the past are now product specialists – highly-trained experts for the vehicles they represent.

This philosophy has led to a steady financial and professional growth for the company. Each year PPTTS adds another group of clients using their “one on one” approach. In 2009 Production Plus acquired Michigan-based The Talent Shop. Today, PPTTS is the largest SAG/AFTRA-franchised talent management agency in Michigan and continues to grow its automotive business.

PPTTS has expanded from being the #1 supplier of product specialists in the national auto shows to global events and marketing venues. Supporting these global and national markers are four offices: Detroit Metro Area, Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York City. Their new office in Dallas will open this spring.


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