Patrick Flynn

Director at Aviva

Appointed to the board of Aviva plc as an Independent Non-Executive Director on 16 July 2019 and as Senior Independent Director on 7 September 2020.

Patrick is an experienced finance executive and he has significant experience of both retail financial and insurance services.

Patrick was previously the Chief Financial Officer of ING, the Netherland’s largest financial services group, and was recognised for playing a key role in the transformation of the group to a well-capitalised and focused financial services provider with a significant retail offering. Prior to that Patrick was Chief Financial Officer of HSBC Insurance and served as a Non-Executive Director of the boards of two listed former ING insurance companies, and this experience thoroughly equips Patrick to chair the Audit Committee.

Patrick is currently a Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Audit Committee of the Natwest Group PLC.


  • Director

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