MELNYK Kostiantyn

Project Manager at BETBY

Kostiantyn Melnyk has a diverse work experience spanning multiple industries and roles. MELNYK started their career as a Senior Consultant of cooperation with the European Union at the State Department of Law Approximation of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, where they were responsible for organizing cooperation between Ukraine and the EU in the field of justice, freedom, and security.

MELNYK then transitioned into the field of personal data protection, working as a Senior Consultant of the Information-Analytical Department at the State Service of Ukraine on Personal Data Protection. In this role, they provided information and analytical support for the State Register of databases of personal data and conducted testing of the application, ensuring its correct operation.

In 2015, Kostiantyn joined Wisdom IT Solutions LLC as a QA Engineer, where they performed web testing by different types and worked on projects such as and MELNYK later joined LuxApp as a Test Engineer, where they manually tested various web projects.

Kostiantyn then joined Lucky Labs as a Software Test Engineer and Test Team Lead, where they primarily focused on web testing and automation testing using Page Object pattern (Java).

MELNYK continued their career as a Lead QA Engineer at Lucky Labs, gaining more experience in managing quality assurance processes.

Recently, Kostiantyn joined BETBY as a Project Manager, where they take on a leadership role and oversees project management activities.

Throughout their career, Kostiantyn has demonstrated expertise in web testing, automation testing, test plan design, bug tracking, and test management functions. MELNYK has also gained experience in the gambling and gaming industry.

MELNYK Kostiantyn's education history begins with their attendance at the Kirovograd Collegium from 1991 to 2001, where they did not earn a specific degree or focus on a particular field of study. MELNYK then pursued their higher education at Kyiv International University from 2001 to 2007, obtaining a Master of International Law degree and a Bachelor of International Relations degree. During this time, their studies focused on European Integration, Civil Law, Informational Law, and International Law.

In 2016, MELNYK Kostiantyn participated in the GeekBrains IT Training Company's module "Basics of programming" and obtained an additional certification in Introduction to Programming from the same institution that year. Later that year, they also attended the QALight IT training Company, specializing in Software QA Engineering, Automation Testing Engineering, SQL, Unix and Networks, and Time Estimation.

Overall, MELNYK Kostiantyn's educational background demonstrates a diverse range of studies in international law, European integration, and various IT-related disciplines.


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  • Project Manager

    February, 2022 - present

  • Lead QA Engineer

    September, 2019

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