Tony Higgins

Chief Product Officer at Blueprint Software Systems

Tony Higgins has worked in the technology industry since 1985. Tony began their career at Computing Devices Company as a Systems Engineer. In 1989, they moved to MacDonald Dettwiler & Assoc as a Senior Systems Engineer. In 1995, they were promoted to Applications Architect. Tony then moved to Televitesse Systems Inc. in 1996 as a Senior Systems Engineer. In 1998, they joined Rational Software as a Technical Lead in the Field Sales department. In 2003, they were hired by Borland as Director of Services. In 2004, they joined Sofea as VP Technical Solutions in Pre and Post Sales. In 2006, they joined Blueprint as VP Products. In 2010, they joined FanVision as VP Program Management for the NFL, and also joined Blueprint Software Systems as Chief Product Officer, VP Labs & Innovation, VP Product Management, and VP Product Marketing.

Tony Higgins attended Carleton University from 1981 to 1985, where they earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems.



  • Chief Product Officer

    March, 2018 - present

  • VP Labs & Innovation

    March, 2017

  • VP Product Management

    December, 2012

  • VP Product Marketing

    December, 2010

  • VP Products

    September, 2006