Tassos Paphites

Chairman & CEO at BurgerBusters


Mr. Paphites started a career in the restaurant industry in 1975, becoming a passionate owner of an independent restaurant. Mr. Paphites had the opportunity to become a Taco Bell franchisee in 1986 and as a result established BurgerBusters Inc. along with his partners. He has been and continues to be the driving force behind BBI, setting the strategic mandates for the Company’s marketing, development, operations, facilities, and finances. Mr. Paphites has extended his enthusiasm beyond the Company and has served on the Board of Taco Bell’s National Franchise Management Advisory Council (FRANMAC) at two different times in his career helping to shape policy and provide a unified voice to the franchise community. Mr. Paphites holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Virginia Wesleyan College in Norfolk, VA and currently serves on the college’s Board of Trustees.


  • Chairman & CEO

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