Button is the mobile commerce technology company that is powering a commerce-driven internet. As the leading mobile commerce enablement platform, Button powers mobile growth for the world’s largest brands and publishers, while offering consumers more seamless, enjoyable experiences. With each action... Read more






Org chart


Michael Jaconi
Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Jaconi

Jason Morse
SVP, Product Management
Mike Sepesi
VP, Finance
Sean Summers
Chief Scientist
Wesley S.
Mobile Lead
Kyle Shockey
Staff Tech Lead
Michael F Sepesi
VP of Finance
Michael Montesano
Senior Vice President, Engineering
Elizabeth Emerson
Senior Director of Enterprise Sales
Amanda Greenwood
Director of Business Development
Gabriella Porrino
VP, Partner Success
Laura Kreinbihl
VP, Global Strategic Partnerships
Amanda (Greenwood) Tannenbaum
Director Of Business Development
Caitlin Proce
Sales Director, Marketing Media - TAP

Behind the scenes


Be a Happy Warrior

We embrace change and respond to setbacks with tenacity. We always tackle problems or setbacks with a solution-oriented approach.

Speak Boldly and Honestly

The tough conversations, when held productively, are the ones we grow from. Speak your mind, share opinions. Also, never hold resentment or speak ill of fellow Buttonians.

Grow Individually and Organizationally

Button is a journey designed to improve us as professionals and as people. To do this we must always be committed to learning and growing.

Deliver Excellence

Whether your product is a presentation, a design, a budget, a process, or our technology - deliver something you’re proud of.

Provide Omotenashi

Predict what your partners, guests, candidates will want before they do - and give it to them. Authentically provide the best service experience you can dream of.

Be an Entrepreneur and Never Settle

Do the small things. No task should be below you. Swing above your weight class. Expect success and prepare for it. Anything is possible.