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Cloudtail was set-up in August 2014 to redefine the online retail business by filling in gaps for customer needs and providing the best value proposition to customers across India. Today, Cloudtail is one of the key sellers in the marketplace, offering customers a hassle-free process of purchase. Cl... Read more





Ranjit Babu
Managing Director & CEO

Ranjit Babu

Shilpa Vaid
Head, Human Resources
Priya Mahadevan
Head, Legal
Rehan Shaikh
Head, Mass Vendor Relations
Sriram Kilambi
Category Leader
Neeraj Kumar
Category Leader
Gaurav Shrivastav
Head, Women And Kids Wear, Softline Private Brand
Renu Mammen
Vendor Management Lead
Juhi Dhyawala
Product Marketing Manager
Rahul Bhaldand
Pharmacy Technician
Aparna Talekar
Vendor Manager
Ashwini Pai
Vendor Operations Lead
Chindan Rajendran R
Instock Manager
Karthikeyan S
Vendor Manager
Manish Verma
Manager,vendor Manager -sports Shoes And Apparel
Manoj Kumar Valisetti
Senior Instock Manager
Naveen D.
Senior Vendor Manager
Prashant Anandani
Senior Vendor Manager
Rishu Srivastava
Vendor Management Lead
Roopal Shah
Vendor Management Lead
Sayed Atif
Instock Manager
Vishnu Dev N
Senior Vendor Ops Associate
Lavanya K
Senior Vendor Ops
Kishan Kumar R
Senior Vendor Operations Associate
Shubha Sridhar
Senior Business Associate-vendor Operations