Coffeyville Community College


Coffeyville Community College is a community college located in Coffeyville, Kansas, United States.





Org chart

Marlon Thornburg

Aron Potter
VP, Academic Services
Dickie Rolls
Executive Director, College Foundation
Kelli Bauer
Director, HR, EOO & Title IX Coordinator
Jeff Leiker
Athletic Director & Head Football Coach
Kari Soper
Columbus Campus Director
Kim Blaes
Executive Assistant to the President
Krista Bromley
Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director of CCC Foundation
Waymond North
Custodian & Technician
Joe Smith
Dorm Technician & Lead
Kristi Reedy
Piano Instructor & Staff Accompanist
Susan McDaniel
Adjunct Allied Health Instructor
Carolyn Nelson
Adjunct Business & Accounting Instructor
Chelsea Strickland
Adjunct Computer Instructor
Kristi Brautman
Adjunct Criminal Justice Instructor
Selma Peyton
Adjunct English Instructor
Melissa Barnett
Adjunct English Instructor
Troy Mccloughan
Adjunct English Instructor
Jerry Bennett
Adjunct Fire Science Instructor
Tighe Vananne
Adjunct Fire Science Instructor
Josh Mecom
Adjunct Fire Science Instructor
Joe Rexwinkle
Adjunct Fire Science Instructor
Shon Price
Adjunct Fire Science Instructor
Anthony Cozzo
Adjunct Fire Science Instructor
Michael O'connor
Adjunct Fire Science Instructor
Jackie Overton
Adjunct Psychology Instructor
Jason Armitage
Adjunct Social Science & Humanities Instructor
Karen Distefano
Adjunct Spanish Instructor
Nancy Burrows
Adjunct Yoga Instructor
Rebeccah Stone
Administrative Assistant, Columbus Campus
Kellen Mitts
Assistant Baseball Coach
Krista Hanna
Assistant Bookstore Manager
Kelli Matney
Assistant Registrar & Athletic Eligibility Coordinator
Delria Howard
Assistant Football Coach
Dj Lynn
Assistant Football Coach
Jacob Odum
Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Mike Neal
Assistant Softball Coach & Facilities Maintenance
Sierra Mcbride
Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Kenzie Horner
Assistant & Cheer & Dance
Carrie Dozier
Associate Coordinator of Business Services
Susan Reardon
Associate Coordinator of Business Services
Jana Kastler
Athletic Executive Assistant
Hal Daniels
Auto Collision Instructor, Columbus
Clint Ruttgen
Automotive Instructor, Labette County High School
Michael Frazier
Automotive Service Aide, Columbus
Cecilia Eisenbrandt
Automotive Service Instructor
Jeff Phillips
Automotive Service Instructor, Columbus
Pam Oliver
Biology Instructor
Ky Shen
Biology Instructor
Rick King
Biology Instructor
Aaron Phillips
Bookstore Manager
Travis Young
Buisness Instructor
Darla Thornburg
Business & Computer Technology Instructor
Amy Lumley
Chemistry Instructor
Wayne Bass
Communications Instructor
Chris McCullough
Network Systems Administrator
Clarence Ray
Construction Technology Instructor
Kevin Hunt
Construction Technology Instructor, Columbus
Tyler Cares
Construction Technology Instructor, Labette County High School
Shawn Miller
Hayley Miller
Sean Baker
Marty Vargas
Emily Beye
Kathy Harding
Vivian Frost
Database Administrator
Nick Dobler
Defensive Coordinator
Andrew Elrod
Digital Communications Specialist
Robin Adamson
Director of Financial Aid
Mykah Meador
Director of Grounds, Horticulture and Agronomy
Karen Strimple
Director of Institutional Research
Kris Wech
Director of Maintenance
Ashley Tatman
Director of Marketing
Kamri Anderson
Director of Residential Life, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach
Johnathan Reid
Director of Technology
Tyler Cook
Electrical Technology Instructor
Casey Goff
EMT & Paramedic Instructor
Ryan Butcher
English Instructor
David Beck
English Instructor
Melissa Gunby
English Instructor & Honors Program Coordinator
Salina Meek
English & Communication Instructor
Leadership Team
Executive Assistant to the President
Jennifer Derosa
Financial Aid Advisor
Madison Henderson
Financial Aid Coordinator
Michael Derosa
Fine Arts Instructor
James Grimmett
Fire Science Program Coordinator & Instructor
Cody Oates
Football, Offensive Line Coach
Conner Murrell
Golf & E-Sports Coach
Ashley George
Graphic & Communication Specialist
Jason Donaldson
Steven Harrison
Head Men's Soccer Coach
Rico Cherico
Head Powerlifting Coach/Assistant Football Coach
Meredith Smith
Head Softball Coach
Melissa Harrison
Head Spirit Squad Coach & Academic Advisor
Deardin Kelley
Head Volleyball Coach
Tony Turner
Head Women's Basketball Coach
David Sanford
Shooting Sports Coach & CDL Instructor
Tre Lathan
Assistant Track Coach
Megan Manley
History Instructor
Shawn Parker
Information Technology Instructor
Cheryl Allen
Lead Custodian
Heidi Eck
Learning Lab Coordinator, Columbus
Josh Collins
Maintenance Technician
Leroy Smith
Maintenance Technician
Kendall Payne
Math Instructor
Shelby Eytcheson
Math Instructor
Ryan Willis
Math & Physics Instructor
Susan Newman
Medical Laboratory Technician Instructor
Brooka Thomsen-Martin
Nursing Instructor
Brenda Pursley
Paramedic Program Director
Gary Janzen
Part-time Driver
Dean Strimple
Part-time Driver
Eric Britts
Precision Machining Instructor
Luke Wolgamott
Precision Machining, Labette County High School
Mike Arpin
Psychology Instructor
Nicole Nash
Recruiting & Admissions Specialist
Kristin Horner
Registrar & Athletic Eligibility Chair
Courey Feerer
Sociology Instructor
Dirk Andrews
Speech Instructor
Brad Weber
Sports Information Director & Instructor
Chris Whitten
Student Account Representative
Rochelle Welton
Student Health Nurse
Melissa Tunstall
Student Success Center Assistant
Mona Walker
Student Success Center Assistant
Jill Wood
Technical Learning Lab Instructor & Part-time SSC Assistant
Ryan Mccune
VP for Student Services & Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Markel Porter
Vocal Music Director
Michaela Carnes
Welding Instructor
Wess Sisco
Welding Instructor
Scott Hammer
Welding Instructor
Todd Madl
Welding Instructor, Columbus