Color Line

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Color Line AS is Norway's largest and among Europe's leading companies in European short sea shipping with just under 2,500 man-years in four countries. Annually travels approx. 4 million people to and from Norway with the company's ships. Color Line transports almost 900,000 cars and approx. 180,00... Read more





Org chart

Trond Kleivdal
President & CEO

Trond Kleivdal

Einar Monstad
Executive Vice President HR
Helge Otto Mathisen
EVP Communication & Public Affairs
Boge Gulbrandsen
EVP Strategy & Business Development
Frode Hansen
EVP Sales & Marketing
Thomas Gudbjerg
EVP Commercial & Hotel operations on board
Trond Tønjum
EVP Cargo
Robin Tomren
EVP Technical Maritime Operation
Are Paulsrud
Chief Technology Officer
Brage Galtestad
Chief Information Officer
Thor Engebrigtsen
Chief Information Security Officer