Connected Nation


Connected Nation is a national non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that expands access to and use of broadband Internet and the related technologies that are enabled when individuals and communities have the opportunity and desire to connect.





Org chart

Tom Ferree
Chairman & CEO

Tom Ferree

Chris Pedersen
EVP, Development & Planning
Heather Gate
EVP, Digital Inclusion
J. Brent Legg
EVP, Government Affairs
Emily Jordan
VP, Education Initiatives
Frank Martinez
VP, Strategic Initiatives
Colin Reilly
VP, Data Strategy & Technical Services
Tim LeDonne
Executive Director, State Programs
Jessica Denson
Director, Communications
Ryan Johnson
Director, IT
John Determan
Director, Engineering & Technical Services
Heather Huddleston
Director, Program Development
Wes Kerr
Director, Community Solutions
Brian Dudek
Manager, GeoAnalytics
Mark Messer
Broadband Data Manager
Grant Blumenthal
Project Manager
Melanie Hatfield
Human Resources Manager
Kathleen Coman
Senior Project Manager
Rick Barnes
Senior Project Manager
Tom Stephenson
Broadband Solutions Manager
Layne Wagner
Broadband Field Manager
Michelle Currier
Broadband Solutions Manager
Jerry Kirsch
Broadband Field Manager
Sierra Sees
Policy and Engagement Manager
Stephanie Slyh
Compliance & Program Support Manager
Emily Bushman
Project Manager
Dan Manning
Broadband Solutions Advisor
Michael Ramage
Strategic Broadband Advisor
Gina Lindsey
Executive Assistant
Anna Cummings-Krueger
Geospatial Technician