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Org chart


Christian Wylonis
CEO & co-Founder

Christian Wylonis

Andreas Jarbol
CTO & co-Founder
Olivia Zhao
VP of Operations
Marica Sophos
VP of Finance
Alexander Juhl
Head of Product Design
Alec Costanza
Data Scientist
Dominic Yong
Growth Associate
Nannan Hu
Customer Success

Behind the scenes


Learn out loud

We work transparently, dare to be vulnerable, and own our imperfections. Learning from each other builds a strong common ground from which everyone can grow together.


A Danish word meaning “cozy”, “belonging” or “togetherness”, representing how we build an inclusive community together. We value diversity and use any excuse we can find to celebrate and come together around everyone’s uniqueness so that all feel respected, welcomed, and supported.

Be a contrarian

We dare to go against popular beliefs and seek out principles-first solutions over incremental progress. We aim to find the best solution, not the obvious one or the one that’s been found by others before.

Go for it!

We take ownership and passionately seize opportunities to create, to learn, and to grow. We run towards a problem, rather than away from it, and fail fast and learn from our mistakes.

Do the dishes

We put the team first and do whatever is necessary regardless of seniority or what your job description says. Sometimes that might mean you literally need to do the dishes.