Josh Holat

CTO at Cube

Josh Holat is the current Chief Technical Officer at Cube. Josh has previous experience working as the Senior Director at Fullscreen Media and as a Corporate Engineering Intern at Qualcomm.

Josh began their career at Qualcomm, where they spent a summer internship working in the Services Labs Division. Josh was responsible for developing a service platform and API to manage communication and data transfers over a 3G network for the product. Josh also managed data model changes for the product. The main language of development was Java. Our team was able to successfully complete two major releases over the summer.

After their time at Qualcomm, Josh began working at Fullscreen Media. Josh led the tech team at Fullscreen Direct with a focus on the backend team. Their responsibilities included ensuring the codebase remains stable and scalable as well as helping the engineering team grow and become more efficient over time. Josh also interfaced with top tier customers such as the digital teams for Metallica and Eric Church.

Josh Holat has a high school diploma from Mukwonago High School and a degree in computer science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Their manager is Christina Ross, Co-Founder & CEO. and Jason Bellamy - Head of Engineering reports to Josh Holat. Some of their coworkers include Scott Samios - CRO, Brian Martell - VP, Product Marketing, and Robert Baesman - VP, Product.


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