DARPA is an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense with a singular and enduring mission: to make pivotal investments in breakthrough technologies for national security. The Agency explicitly reaches for transformational change instead of incremental advances





Org chart

Victoria Coleman
Director, Defense Advanced Research Projects

Victoria Coleman

Tabatha Tomes Thompson
Chief Of Communications
Chetna Raniga-Jogia
Creative Director/owner
Joe Whited
Chief Of Staff
Sha-Chelle Devlin Manning
Chief, Commercial Strategy
Chris Geeslin
Chief Of Legislative Affairs
Bartlett Russell
Deputy Director, Defense Sciences Office
Adam Coler
Machine Learning And Virtual Reality Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Benjamin Bishop
Deputy Director For Transition, Adaptive Capabilities Office
Christina Bates
Research And Development Specialist
Craven Moorhead
Mad Scientist
Jeff Saling
Science And Engineering Technical Assistance (seta)
Kyle McGee
Darpa Research Assistant
Michael Swift
External Operator
Steve Gross
SETA At Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (darpa)
Zhouhang Jiang
Graduate Research Assistant
Christopher Divenere
Chief, Personnel Security
Neil Dsouza
Chief - Cybersecurity & Senior Authorizing Official
J B Copeland
Director Support Services Office
Matt Turek
Deputy Director Information Innovation Office (i2o)
Philip Root
Director, Strategic Technology Office
Terry Emmert
Director, Adaptive Capabilities Office
Thomas J. Masiello
Director, Adaptive Capabilities Office
Susan Huffman
Human Resources Specialist
David K. Abe
Program Manager, Microsystems Technology Office
Peter Highnam
Deputy Director, Defense Advanced Research Projects
Dr. Lori Adornato
Program Manager, Biological Technologies Office (BTO)
Joshua Baron
Program Manager, Information Innovation Office (I2O)
Timothy Grayson
Office Director, Strategic Technology Office
Kerri Dugan
Acting Office Director, Biological Technologies Office
Ben Osei
Lead Endpoint Security Engineer
Camille Lock
Action Officer Program Analyst
James Persons
Program Security Officer
Kevin Clark
Warehouse Specialist
Lane Fenimore
Program Security Representative
Steven A. Rodriguez
Ts/sci Senior Classified Infrastructure Engineer
Gregory Avicola
Program Manager, Tactical Technology Office