Shahzada Dawood

Director at Dawood Hercules Corporation Ltd

Shahzada Dawood joined the Board in May 1996. He has over two decades of experience in corporate governance and transformation of industries, including growth and innovation opportunities through mergers and acquisitions of diversified public-listed companies across textiles, fertilisers, foods, and energy. Shahzada is a leading voice in the institutionalisation of key international networks and contacts. He aspires to a sustainable future and believes in inclusive business models involving low-income communities building value chains along business interests. In line with this, Shahzada serves as Trustee on the Boards of both Engro Foundation and The Dawood Foundation. In addition, he is a member of the Global Advisory Board for Prince Charles’ Charity, Prince’s Trust International. In December 2020, he also joined the Board of Trustees of the SETI Institute. Shahzada serves as Director across Boards of various industries, including investment holdings like the Dawood Corporation (Pvt) Ltd, Board of Dawood Lawrencepur Ltd, Patek (Pvt) Ltd and currently serves as Vice Chairman of Engro Corporation. Shahzada holds a M.Sc. in Global Textile Marketing from Philadelphia University, USA, and a LLB from Buckingham University, UK.


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