Harold Brewer

Vice Chairman at DefenseStorm


Harold Brewer (H.B.) is one of DefenseStorm’s founders and has served on its Board of Directors since the Company’s inception. For more than 40 years H.B. has been an entrepreneur driving banking technology innovation. He has shepherded numerous banking technology advancements that have become best-in-class solutions, including having developed the first fully integrated, object-code-only community banking system, which proved to be a game-changing technology in bank data processing.

As an expert advisor to the banking industry, H.B. helped banks of all sizes in markets across the country understand how to optimize their operations and profitability through high-quality technology and human resources. H.B. also was one of the founders of Brintech, a leading strategy, performance improvement and profit enhancement advisory services company focused on the community bank marketplace and its challenges, technology and regulatory changes.


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