Hiroshi Igarashi

Representative Executive Officer, President & CEO at Dentsu International

Hiroshi Igarashi joined Dentsu Inc. in 1984, marking the start of more than three decades in its account management divisions. He has handled sectors as diverse as food & beverage, financial services, mobility, electronics, entertainment, and retail, focusing in particular on business development and on the creation of solutions with roots in social issues and sports. He has an extensive track record of developing businesses that extend beyond the advertising field including the establishment of joint ventures with client companies. Hiroshi became an Executive Officer in 2017, and he additionally assumed the role of Head of Japanese Business the following year.

After being named a Director and Executive Officer of what was then Dentsu Inc. and now Dentsu Group Inc. in March 2018, Hiroshi worked to promote group governance, develop business strategies, and drive group-wide initiatives. With the transition to a holding company structure in January 2020, he assumed the roles of Dentsu Group Inc. Co-COO; Dentsu Japan Network President & CEO; and Dentsu Inc. Representative Director, President & CEO. He is leading business transformation and structural reform efforts aimed at bringing together more than 130 Dentsu Japan Network group companies in Japan, including Dentsu Inc., and evolving them into an Integrated Growth Partner. Since January 2021, Hiroshi has also served as Vice Chairman of the Business Group at Dentsu Group Inc., as well as a dentsu international board member.

Hiroshi is also the President of the Japan Advertising Agencies Association.


  • Representative Executive Officer, President & CEO

    Current role

  • Board Member

  • President & CEO