Makoto Igata

Global Lead, dentsu health at Dentsu International

Makoto is the Global Lead for dentsu health. Since joining Dentsu as a new graduate, Makoto has worked in account management, serving Global Clients ranging from pharmaceuticals, retail, fashion, fast food and tobacco. He has developed an expertise in marketing strategy, and brand development from his career of working on global brands.

Makoto started working on healthcare business in 2015. He became very much involved in the challenges and opportunities that healthcare marketing was facing amid an era of rapid digitization and business transformation that made him determined to pursue his further career in healthcare.

Makoto has worked with a number of pharmaceutical clients including GSK, Pfizer and Takeda Pharmaceuticals. He is now passionately working in the areas of brand development, patient/HCP engagement and CXM.


  • Global Lead, dentsu health

    Current role