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At DHS, experts, strateg­ists, and advocates tell stories that deepen loyalties and encourage action in investments, private equity firm ventures that promote the public good.





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Rakesh Sarna
Chairman of DHS Group Equity Partners

Rakesh Sarna

Fernando Aguirre
Executive Vice Chairman
Patrick Neel
COO, DHS Holdings & Subsidiaries
Nova Reese
Chief Strategy Officer
Ellen Garrison
VP & General Counsel, DHS Holdings & Subsidiaries
Giovanni Ferrero
EVP, DHS Group Ventures
John Taylor
EVP, DHS Holdings & Subsidiaries
Jonathan Ellison
EVP, Initiatives
Areeba Zawar Ahmad
VP, Information Technology
Carlton Wilbanks
VP, Advancement, DHS Group
Steven Sanders
VP, Communications, DHS Holdings & Subsidiaries
Andrew Hillman Smith
VP, External Affairs
Andrea Sullivan Olson
VP, Initiatives
Sarah Sanders
VP, Investor Relations, DHS Group
Steve Cohen
VP, Operations, DHS Holdings & Subsidiaries