Zhu Guang

CEO at Du Xiaoman Financial

At the beginning of its establishment, under the leadership of Zhu Guang, Baidu Finance quickly integrated its financial business, established multiple business sectors including credit, wealth management, payment, etc., and participated in the preparation of the establishment of Baixin Bank and a joint venture insurance company. Zhu Guang led the team to complete the construction of basic system platforms such as payment system, risk control system, technical system, and sales chain in a very short period of time, and basically formed a business map covering all fields of financial services. In April 2018, Baidu Finance completed the signing of the split financing agreement, realized independent operation, launched a new brand "Du Xiaoman", and Zhu Guang served as CEO. Zhu Guang joined Baidu in December 2008 and has served as the senior director of the public relations department, the vice president of Baidu, and the senior vice president of Baidu. He was responsible for Baidu's market public relations, government affairs and Baidu News. It has made important contributions to product popularity and reputation.


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