EcoCart is a leading climate technology application for online retailers. We partner with brands to meet their sustainability goals by identifying opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint throughout their supply chain and business operations. Where greenhouse gas emissions are unavoidable we p... Read more






Org chart

Dane Baker
CEO & Co-Founder
Peter Twomey
COO & Co-Founder

Behind the scenes


Sustainability first.

EcoCartists are believers in the long term. We operate with our company’s profitability and longevity in mind, and strive to improve the long-term viability of the planet we share.

Merchant obsessed.

We have an obligation to the merchants powered by EcoCart and the everyday people they serve. We must keep their needs front and center in all we do.

Mover mindset.

A bias for action speeds our learning and delights our users. Focus on what matters most, make fast initial progress, and iterate toward the best outcome.

Improve and iterate.

We value intellectual honesty and look for other EcoCartists with the expertise to refine our ideas, challenge us, and deepen our understanding across the business.

Own it.

EcoCartists are high achievers with a drive to succeed. We take end-to-end accountability for seeing our work through and delivering on our commitments.