Education For All Foundation


EFA strives to utilize education to break the poverty cycle. We train student volunteers to fulfill invaluable roles in the lives of impoverished children.





Org chart

Alex Hu
Founder and Executive Director

Alex Hu

Jenny Lee
Deputy Director and Financial Director
Leo Yihan Wang
Moon Project Director
Alina Yu
English Education Director
Charlotte Zhu
EDGE Mentorship Director
Naomi li
Marketing - NA Director
Jessie Deng
Marketing - CN Director

Outreach Leads

Behind the scenes


Genuine Altruism

Helping others is a serious responsibility and privilege. Very few people have the opportunity to change someone else's life. But modern society has turned volunteering into a checklist of requirements. At EFA, we extend our hearts and efforts to helping those who are less fortunate. We are not here for selfish desires to pad our resumes or attain personal glory. Being able to create real change in someone else's life is more than enough.