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Enlitic is shaping the next generation of intelligent healthcare tools to help patients around the globe. By using AI and deep learning, they help health systems address high value challenges at every stage of the clinical workflow. They believe they are working on one of the biggest social impact o... Read more






Org chart

Michael Sistenich
Executive Chair

Michael Sistenich

Kathleen Jason-Moreau
General Counsel
Thea Moeller
Chief of Staff
Ron Wider
SVP, Strategy
Dave Wilson
VP, Marketing & Communications
Ryan Lennartson
VP, People Operations
Greg Girard
VP, Global Customer Success
Scott Stanton
VP, Sales Operations
Kristy Peterson
VP, Data & Cloud Infrastructure
Steve R.
Chief Strategy Officer (cso)
Paul Steinbach
VP, Engineering
Vince R.
VP Of Technology
Eric C. Poblenz
Director Of Modeling And Data Science
Kim Sacchetti
Information System Manager
Alexandre Bigot
Senior Computer Vision Data Scientist