EVERSANA Intouch Solutions

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EVERSANA Intouch is an independent, full-service agency built for the new realities of modern marketing. Intouch offers innovative solutions to life science companies that want to connect with consumers, healthcare professionals and payers.





Org chart

Faruk Capan
Founder & CEO

Faruk Capan

Wendy Blackburn
EVP, Marketing and Communications
Justin Chase
EVP, Innovation & Media
Boris Kushkuley
EVP, Multichannel Marketing & Consulting
Susan Perlbachs
Chief Creative Officer
Chris Shirling
Chief Financial Officer
Angela Tenuta
EVP, Client Services
Aaron Uydess
EVP, Customer Experience & Analytics
Kristi Veitch
EVP, Human Resources
Brady Walcott
EVP, Business Development
David Windhausen
EVP, Development Services
Kim Bishop
Svp, Client Services, Managing Director
Davin Kaiser
Director, Development Services
Diana Lordi
Associate Director, PMO
Isha Tiwari
Associate Director, Internal Legal And Compliance