A strategic brand and marketing consultancy, with offices around the world, that offers its branding, digital, analytics and design expertise to companies in industries from consumer packaged goods to financial services. Its clients include BMW, Cisco and GE.





Org chart

Michael Dunn
Chairman & CEO

Michael Dunn

Amy Silverstein
Chief Financial Officer
Jeani Vance
Peter Dixon
Senior Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Chan Suh
Senior Partner & Chief Digital Officer
Mike Leiser
Senior Partner & Chief Transformation Officer
Maria Seaver
Chief Experience Officer, Springbox
Mike Fleming
Senior Partner
Mat Zucker
Senior Partner
Ted Moser
Senior Partner
Jeff Smith
Senior Partner
Josh Feldmeth
Chief Strategy Officer
Jay Milliken
Senior Partner
Kristen Groh
Senior Partner
Elaine Fok
Associate Partner, Design
Alex Mulder
Associate Partner, Digital
Rawan Darwish
Associate Partner
Jolin Guan
Associate Partner
Nicole Williams
Associate Partner
Kirsten Feld-Türkis
Associate Partner
Carl Romanos
Associate Partner, Digital
Amelia Morabito
Associate Partner, Digital
Ilana Manaster
Associate Partner, Verbal Branding
Joseph Oliver
Ryan Detwiler
Principal, Client Services
Jase Wells
VP, Technology Development
Catherine Strotmeyer
VP, Business Development
Kara Franey
VP, Talent Development
Laurie Santos
VP, Firm Operations
Michael Love
VP, EU & Asia Talent
Michaela Grimberg
VP, Strategy & Operations, EMEA
Marcella Pereira
VP, North America Resourcing
Meredith Webb
VP of Product Management
Jennie Abernathy
VP, Corporate Strategy
Leila Mancuso
VP, Design Operations
Avery Gross
Group Creative Director, Campaigns
Robin Ely
Director of Operations
Aleksandra Spreadbury
Director, Resourcing
Cindy Levine
Director, Quality Assurance
Julia Dennison
Director, Solutions Marketing
Taylor Riedeman
Director, Verbal Branding
Jesse Smith
Director, Commercial Counsel
Nichola Seeley
Marketing Director, EMEA
Lindsay McDonnell
Director, Marketing Operations
Olympe Gonet