Adam Bhaiji

Quant Strategist at Fasanara Capital

Adam Bhaiji is a Quant Strategist at Fasanara Capital. Adam previously worked as a Quant at BlackRock and as a Lead Technical Python Developer at JJCFinTech. Adam has also served as the Vice President of the Imperial College Data Science Society.

Adam has experience employing mathematical and machine learning models to generate alpha, as well as experience with cleaning and investigating datasets to create portfolio signals. Adam has also given presentations on their findings to members of teams in both London and San Francisco. In addition to their work with alpha generation, Adam also has experience with real world deep learning and time series problems.

As Vice President of the Imperial College Data Science Society, Adam was responsible for client scoping meetings, project management, and communications with industry partners. Adam was also the sole Python developer of a cold-emailing script used by the organisation. Lastly, they were responsible for recruiting new students via interview processes and pre-interview problem sets.

Adam Bhaiji attended Hampton School before going on to study Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London, where they obtained a Master of Engineering (MEng) degree.


  • Quant Strategist

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