Abdelouahad ELHARDI

Chef de projet CFO/CFA telecom-data center-safety&security. at Finatech Group

Abdelouahad ELHARDI has a diverse work experience spanning multiple industries. Abdelouahad started their career in 2016 as a Responsale bureau d'études at SRTIES MAROC, where they assisted in managing projects for BMCE, COUPAG, and OCP ONCF. Abdelouahad also had the responsibility of providing on-site supervision.

In 2017, Abdelouahad joined ETAM-INGENIERIE/ COLAS RAIL as a Projeteur-Technicien en études electromecanique. In this role, they conducted technical studies and cost estimates for telecommunication and electrical projects. Abdelouahad also prepared execution plans and drafted single-line diagrams using CPS.

From 2020 to 2021, Abdelouahad worked at FREEZELEC as a Chargé daffaires Cfo/Cfa. During this time, they were responsible for various financial and administrative tasks.

Currently, Abdelouahad is employed at Finatech Group as a Chef de projet CFO/CFA telecom-data center-safety&security. The exact duration of this role is not provided in the information.

Overall, Abdelouahad has gained valuable experience in project management, technical studies, financial management, and administrative tasks throughout their career.

Abdelouahad ELHARDI completed their education in the field of electrical engineering. Abdelouahad obtained a Licence professionnelle in Genie eletrique from Ensem, which they completed in 2020. Prior to that, they attended ISTA 2 SAFI from 2014 to 2016, where they obtained a degree as a Technicien specialisée en electromecanique du systeme automatisée. Their field of study during this time was Technologies/techniciens en instrumentation et maintenance électromécanique.



  • Chef de projet CFO/CFA telecom-data center-safety&security.

    November, 2021 - present

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