Flint Consulting Ltd

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Flint is an international ICT services company with more than 20 years of experience helping customers solve their business challenges. We are deeply rooted within the tech community, with Flint starting its journey as an engineering company in 1999. In-depth knowledge of the industry and technology... Read more



Org chart

Neil Burbidge
Group CEO

Neil Burbidge

Anas Al Mofleh
Flint MENA Chairman
Alan Bryant
Managing Director, Flint UK & Ireland
Martin Camp
Managing Director, South Africa
Özcan Nalbant
Managing Director, Flint Germany & Turkey
Nina Hudnik
Managing Director, Flint SI
Flavio Sticozzi
Managing Director, Flint Italy
Gert Van Der Merwe
Managing Director, Flint Sub Saharan Africa
Peter Henderson
Group Strategy Director
Ian Ashford
Group Sales & Marketing Director
Andrew Goodchild
Regional Manager, Eastern Europe
Colin Levey
Country Manager, Flint North America
Iwan Babycz
Country Manager, Poland
Domen Dražnik
Sales Director, Flint SI