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Fuld + Company Competitive Strategy Consulting specializes in analyzing the external marketplace to identify insights and help businesses differentiate.





Org chart

Michele Sachar
Chief Operating Officer

Michele Sachar

Vivek Sharma
Group CFO
Elaine Pratt
Group Chief Marketing Officer
Charles Collier
SVP of Consulting Research & Analytics
Prakhar Baghmar
Vice President, Head of Business & Strategy Research
Nilesh Sharma
Vice President, Strategy & Financial Research
Mangesh Kolhatkar
VP, Research & Analytics Services
Shashank Kulshrestha
Head of Analytics & Data Science
Michael Ratcliffe
Senior Director, Health + Life Science
Shiv Nayyar
Director of Consulting Services
Rauf Mammadov
Senior Energy Consultant
Gaurav Chadha
Senior Vice President
Alan Gray
VP Sales And Client Success