Sridhar Sairam

Planetary Gem Advisor, Vedic astrologer & GIA Certified AJP at Gemstoneuniverse

Sridhar Sairam- is a certified Planetary Gem Advisor, Vedic astrologer, and GIA Certified AJP. He is touched fondly by the grace of Guruji Shrii Arnav and initiated into the study of Astro-gemology for more than 9 years. His vision is to make every individual empowered with the right Gemstone recommendation together with the right counseling and direction in career, relationship through Planetary Gemology and astrology. Sridhar has a strong belief that the future of medicine lies in treating people with Light and Color therapy. Apart from being a professional astrologer and gemologist, he is also a successful Software Project and Testing Manager working in a European IT company with a decade of experience. Sridar is responsible for Astrology and Gemology consultations in Europe.



  • Planetary Gem Advisor, Vedic astrologer & GIA Certified AJP

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