Berna Oztinaz

Chief Human Resources Officer at Genel Energy

Berna Oztinaz has a diverse background in human resources and leadership roles. Berna currently serves as the Chief Human Resources Officer at Genel Energy PLC, where they focus on socially responsible oil production. Berna has also held board member positions at the World Federation of People Management Associations and the European Association for People Management. Prior to these roles, they were the CHRO at DeFacto, a leading retail company in Turkey. Berna has also worked at STFA Construction Group, where they served as the Strategy and HR Chief Officer, and at Enerjisa, an integrated energy group, where they held various leadership positions, including Head of Strategic Business Support and Head of HR & Business Excellence. Their career started at Kordsa Global as an HR Professional. Throughout their career, Berna has demonstrated expertise in talent management, restructuring, governance, and mergers and acquisitions.

Berna Oztinaz pursued their education in a chronological manner. In 1990, they started their Bachelor's degree in Business Administration at Istanbul University and completed it in 1995. Following this, in 2006, they enrolled at Sabanci University to pursue an MBA degree in Business Administration, which they completed in 2007. There is no available information about their education prior to Istanbul University or after Sabanci University, as their start and end years at Richmond School are unspecified.



  • Chief Human Resources Officer

    June, 2020 - present

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