John Overdeck

Director at Hamilton Insurance Group

John Overdeck is Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of Two Sigma.

John began his career at D.E. Shaw & Co, where he rose to Managing Director. While at D. E. Shaw, he directed the firm’s Japanese equity and equity-linked investments and supervised the firm’s London investment management affiliate. Following D.E. Shaw and before starting Two Sigma, John spent two years at, first serving as Vice President and technical assistant to founder Jeff Bezos. He went on to lead customer relationship management at, directing Amazon’s renowned personalization, community, and targeted marketing features and technology. He also led critical efforts to make Amazon’s customer technology more scalable.

A lifelong math enthusiast, John won a silver medal for the United States in the 27th International Mathematics Olympiad. He earned a B.S. in Mathematics (with distinction) and a M.S. in Statistics from Stanford University. John currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Hamilton Insurance Group. In addition to his family’s charitable activities, John also serves on the boards of the Robin Hood Foundation, the Institute for Advanced Study and is the acting Chair of the National Museum of Mathematics.

In 2017, John was honored by the Academy of Achievement for being a pioneer in technology and investment management.


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