Hedonova is a global alternative investment firm, managing $400 million for clients across 21 countries. We invests in alternative assets like art, startups, equities, wine, and more. Start investing with $5000.





Org chart

Alexander Cavendish
Co-Founder & CEO

Alexander Cavendish

Neel Aryan Birla
Head, Institutional Sales
Suman Bannerjee
Co-Founder & CIO
Tariq Alwahedi
Head, Finance
Shamit Hansa
Member of Governance Committee, Government
Jennifer Robble
Chief Operating Officer

Behind the scenes



To be innovative, we have to experiment. To invent more, we must experiment more. Experiments may fail. We chalk it up to experience and move on to the next one.

Iteration and repetition

Nothing is born perfect. We iterate and repeat till we achieve perfection. Once perfection is achieved, we repeat the process and sell.

One team, one dream

Each one of us has unique personal and professional dreams. Each of us has distinctive gifts. We will be successful when our collective dreams align with Hedonova's mission, and we can use our gifts to achieve them.

Worship at the altar of action

The ancient Chinese proverb Talk doesn't cook rice cannot be more true. We ask our team to take action, to just start. Ideas are not perfect, but they're worthless without action. We worship at the altar of action.

Start small, think big

No job is too difficult if it's broken down into small pieces. We think big, shoot for the moon and take small, incremental actions every day to achieve them.

Be relentless

We believe that if there is a 'secret sauce' to success, it is persistence. We will be successful if we just keep pushing ahead. Growth happens gradually and then suddenly. We must keep striving till it happens.


Genius lies in simplicity. Our clients are really busy. We must strive to simplify investing for them. This applies to all aspects of our business—from making it easy for clients to find us to simplifying complex investment theories.

It is better to do one thing really, really well

We do alternative investing. That's all we want to do, and we want to be the best at it and we need your help to do it.

Work backward from the customer

While making decisions, be it writing investment reports, tweaking designs on our apps or making investments, we have seen that things are just better when we keep our clients first, understand what they want and work backward to deliver it.