Senaka Balasuriya

CTO at Helpful Engineering

Senaka Balasuriya is the current Chief Technical Officer at Helpful Engineering. Senaka has previous experience working as a Senior Product Manager at Syniverse and as a Principal for Strategy and Product Innovation at Constratus (Verizon Wireless). In their previous roles, they have been responsible for developing and launching mobile marketing and conversational solutions for multi-channel customer engagement using messaging (Facebook Messenger, SMS, MMS) and virtual assistants (automated bots/AI Chatbot). Senaka has also managed the development of a solution that enables product information management (PIM), planogram and inventory management, media advertising, payments (digital wallets, Apply Pay, QR code) and e-commerce via Shopify, AI/ML and machine vision based customization and analytics, remote monitoring, and fleet management.

Senaka Balasuriya works with Barry Watkins - Chief People Officer, Jelena Ivanjac - Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, and Seth Manoff - CFO. Steven Kuenzli - Chief Architect, Vincent Boniakos - Director of Software Engineering, and Dave Mangot - Director of DevOps report to Senaka Balasuriya. Senaka Balasuriya reports to Benjamin Treuhaft, CEO.



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