Helping Brainz


Helping Brainz [“ഹെൽപ്പിങ് ബ്രെയിൻസ്”, “हेल्पिंग ब्रेंज”] is a registered weekend volunteer group which aims to help build democracy by creating self-reliant citizens, developing respect for the experience of others and encouraging dialogue.





Org chart

Yedhu Krishna Menon

Sneha Harsh
Senior Manager - Strategic Development
Pratik Raj Bishen
Practice Head - (Marketing | Procurement)
Pooja Kulkarni Vaidya
Head of Branding and Advertising
Vineeth Sadanandan
Automations Manager
Prakriti Jain
Organizational Development Leader
Shraddha Khedkar
Program Manager - National Cyber-Crime Awareness Mission
Pallabi Bose
Manager - Women Empowerment, and Pandemic and Disaster Management
Siddhi Sandesh Pevekar
Manager - Website Development
Swaminathan Lakshminarayanan
Project Leader - Food and Grocery Donations
Sandeep Kumar Gujjar
Project Manager - Child Empowerment Projects
Vikas Jain
Educational Counselor
Somnath Shukla
Career Counselor
Harshit Gupta
Information Officer | Identity and Access Management
Pratyusha Roy
Peace Leader
Anu Deswal
Project Leader - Elderly Care Projects
Dr. Kritika Sikhriwal
Project Leader - Healthcare Awareness Campaigns