H&M Group


In 1947 Erling Persson opened a ladieswear store called Hennes with the idea of making fashion available and affordable to all. The store in Västerås would soon be followed by more. Today, H&M Group is a global design company with brands in 74 markets. The H&M group is a family of brands making it... Read more






Org chart

Daniel Ervér
President & CEO

Daniel Ervér

Anna Attemark
Head of New Business
Sam Miller
Head of Global Expansion
Fredrik Björkstedt
Head of Legal
Joel Ankarberg
Head of Business Tech
Cenneth Cederholm
Head of Security
Ellen Svanström
Head of Business Ventures
Andreas Eriksson
Communications Director
Iñigo Sáenz Maestre
Head of Media Relations & Social Listening
Leyla Ertur
Head of Sustainability
Anna Von Der Burg
Acting Head of Human Resources
Edwin Grogan
SVP And Global Head Of Core Application Platforms And Technology Engineering
Annie Wu
Chief Diversity Officer - Global Head Of Inclusion & Diversity
Gustav Zetterström
SVP & Global Head Of Emerging Technology & Innovation
Madeleine Persson
Internal Advisor, H&M

Behind the scenes


We keep it simple

We aim for simplicity and go straight to the point because clarity helps us focus on what matters. We don’t overcomplicate so we can be clear and efficient. Less really is more.

We are straightforward and open-minded

We are open, honest and humble. We reflect on our behaviour and listen to others. We speak up, but once a decision has been made, we commit to it. We are prepared to have our own ideas challenged and happy to let the best idea win.

We are cost-conscious

We make careful, sustainable choices by using resources responsibly and doing more with less. We create value for money, making a sustainable lifestyle accessible for everyone.

We make constant improvement

We are always eager to find a better way forward. We constantly improve by seeking feedback to act, learn and adapt with speed. Everyday improvements, big or small steps, can make a huge difference.

We are entrepreneurs

We have a strong business mindset. We are curious and creative and take every opportunity to adapt to ever changing customer needs. Our innovative and flexible approach delivers the best customer offer and experience.

We believe in people

We are the best we can be and bring out the best in everyone and the business. We empower and trust others to take ownership and embrace diverse perspectives. We listen to and learn from our colleagues.

We are one team

Our workplace is inclusive, and respectful. We encourage and help each other to win together. We see the big picture and collaborate across boundaries, sharing our skills and knowledge in the best interests of our company to create unbeatable customer value.