Wei Xu

Chief Scientist, General AI at Horizon Robotics

Wei Xu is a Chinese computer scientist and artificial intelligence (AI) expert who is currently the Chief Scientist of General AI at Horizon Robotics. Wei is also a distinguished scientist at Baidu, Inc., and a research scientist at Facebook. Wei was formerly a senior research staff member at NEC Laboratories America, Inc.

Xu started their career as a research scientist at NEC Laboratories America, Inc. in 2004. Wei worked there for eight years and eight months before moving to Facebook in 2013. At Facebook, they worked as a research scientist for three years and five months. In 2016, they joined Baidu, Inc. as a distinguished scientist.

At Baidu, Xu started the company's open source deep learning framework (https://github.com/paddlepaddle/paddle) and applied it to various products. Wei was listed as one of the 20 leading technologists driving China's AI revolution by a Forbes article in 2017. In 2020, they left Baidu to join Horizon Robotics as the Chief Scientist of General AI.

Wei Xu is a graduate of Tsinghua University and Carnegie Mellon University.



  • Chief Scientist, General AI

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